The following safety & security measures at the Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali and Bali International Convention Centre relates to normal conditions. If threat levels are raised, the safety & security measures are commensurately increased. Additionally, safety & security levels are increased during high level conferences and as requested by conference/convention planners.

  1. Security posts at entrances with boom gates, fully manned 24 hours a day with 3-4 security personnel.
  2. All cars are checked with metal detectors including the interior and boot.
  3. ID cards collected from drivers, car number recorded.
  4. 66 CCTV cameras strategically installed within the properties.
  5. 4 units of 32" monitors installed at Security Command Center with continuous security staff presence 24 hours a day. Capability for digital recording and playback up to 30 days back.
  6. Patrol systems are installed allowing monitoring the time each area has been inspected. Security staff as well as the night manager are required to follow the patrol schedule, which is checked daily by management.
  7. Employees cars have been issued parking passes.
  8. 8 hand-held metal detectors and 2 walk-through gates are installed for personnel and package/baggage monitoring.
  9. Car park near the lobby is temporally closed with all cars required to park away from the building.
  10. 24 hour Emergency Response Team with 9 members per shift.
  11. On site clinic with 24 hour doctor and nurse coverage and on site ambulance.

In addition of the above, Nusa Dua, as five-star tourist enclave, benefits from its secluded location and is easier to control than crowded areas with limited street access, narrow roads, heavy traffic and overbuilt areas. The Nusa Dua area can be accessed through 4 main gates where traffic can be filtered. There are actually several layers of Security within the Nusa Dua area as follow:

  1. Polsek Kuta Selatan with 108 officers.
  2. Nusa Dua Tourist Police with 12 officers.
  3. Benoa Marine Police with 17 Officers.
  4. BTDC Security Department with 84 staff.

Nusa Dua Security Statement click here >>

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